State of the World

What has happened here?

Every day I wake up to the latest tragedy.

Humans, just like you and I, are forcefully having their lives stolen from them

Children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, lovers. One moment entranced in a colorful haze of music, the next taking their last breath in a whirlwind of smoke and debris.

I see videos from time to time of lovely animals, betrayed, hurt, tied up and abandoned in the woods left to die.

People share these atrocities on social media with comments on how they’d like to do the same things to the culprits.

When does the violence end?

I am privileged, as are many of those around me

At three o’clock on a Tuesday, I can be safely in bed without fear that I may not wake up.

If I don’t think about the terror being spread throughout the world, I can pretend it doesn’t exist. After all, it isn’t affecting me.

Too many of us take this for granted.

Until everyone, and I mean that literally,


Can put aside their hatred and fear, this world will never know peace. Not truly.

Fear is an evil emotion. It rips through every pore in your body, mutilating even your very essence, and once it fills you completely that fear turns to anger.

Anger breeds hatred, and hatred is the father of war.

So you see, you must be brave. Resist the urge to hate, even in the face of these abominable actions.

One day, I dream to wake up to news reports of the kindness being spread contagiously throughout the world.

One day, I dream that every soul on this planet can sleep as easily as I do.

One day, I dream that the first thing I think of when someone asks me

“Did you hear about ____”

It is not a feeling of dread about what could have happened this time.





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