Plight of Man

[Disclaimer: Recently, I have noticed that almost every poem I’ve written in the five years that I’ve been writing has had something to do with the subject of love or its inhabitants. I’ve been trying to break this habit and write about other subject matters. As such, this poem was born. I’m well aware that it is probably pretty rough, but if you could please leave me some feedback in the comment section below I would greatly appreciate it! I would love to hone my craft and become less of a one style wonder. Thank you!]


Dark, rainy skies caressed the world for months

Soaking every glimpse of land with its morbid grasp

For the inhabitants of this world, they say it was too much.

“Give us sun!” They scream through furious showers

And so it was done

The gorgeous yellow sun arose from the hilltops

It gracefully warmed the earth with its gentle touch

But before long, it too had stayed its course.

“It’s too hot! Cool us down!” They gasp, pleading for relief

And so it was done

A sweeping gale tears its way city to city, country to country

It masterfully sucks every bit of warmth out of the sun soaked crust

Before this wind had the chance to start, they were furious

“It is now too cold!”

But the universe has stopped attempting to please

The bitter gust is here to stay

Thus was the plight of man

Always wanting more, never accepting what is given.


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