For so long I felt broken

Like two halves of a whole that to the rest of the world looked perfectly stitched together

I promised myself that never again

Would I let a stranger in

To sweep me off my feet

With a promise that they’d soften the blow with a loving embrace

Only to realize too late that they lie

Much the same as I do, crumpled on the floor


I broke that promise years later

I let someone in that perfectly fit those tiny gaps

I felt whole again

But they did not fit as I thought, no

They were just too large but oh,

how pretty

In hindsight I must have known

I tried to force them into place.


Have you ever tried to pressure a puzzle piece where it doesn’t quite fit?

For awhile it may feel nice,

to look complete

Then you take a step back and realize

The picture is all wrong

And slowly, the images around this intruder begin to scew

Leaving your masterpiece ever worse off then when you began.


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