About: Dakota Vaught

Launched in 2017, Three Billion Seconds is an action sack of creative content. If you love adventure, creative fiction, and sitting down with a bag of popcorn, watching the most emotional movie you can think of to have a good cry.. this blog is for you. Here, you will get daily posts that will get your emotion flowing in one way or another (hopefully), surrounded by a community (soon!) that will support and feel with you.

As a beginning blogger, you will mostly likely see me learning and changing on a day to day basis, and I encourage you as a reader to go to the contact page, and send me an email if you notice something that could be done better. You can also tweet me, or message me on Facebook, I promise it will make me sleep easier at night knowing that everything is as good as it could be.

About me? I guess that’s what this page is called, huh. I am a thousand things, I love to write (obviously), I live to travel, and I dream to be an inspiration and positively affect as many individual humans in whatever way that I can possibly can. I live in the greater Seattle area in Washington state, and if you read my ‘Coast to Coast’ series, you will find where I moved from.

I am super thankful that you have at least made it this far to checking out what I have to offer, and hope you will continue to stay and look at some of the other things I have to offer. Make sure that you click the follow button on the right hand side of this page to get email updates for any time something new happens here on Three Billion Seconds!

Also, if you have any poetry, stories, other creative content or pictures of puppies please email them to me. I love to read others work, and it might inspire some of my own!