For so long I felt broken Like two halves of a whole that to the rest of the world looked perfectly stitched together I promised myself that never again Would I let a stranger in To sweep me off my feet With a promise that they'd soften the blow with a loving embrace Only to … Continue reading Fracture


Plight of Man

[Disclaimer: Recently, I have noticed that almost every poem I've written in the five years that I've been writing has had something to do with the subject of love or its inhabitants. I've been trying to break this habit and write about other subject matters. As such, this poem was born. I'm well aware that … Continue reading Plight of Man

State of the World

What has happened here? Every day I wake up to the latest tragedy. Humans, just like you and I, are forcefully having their lives stolen from them Children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, lovers. One moment entranced in a colorful haze of music, the next taking their last breath in a whirlwind of smoke and debris. … Continue reading State of the World